4 Good Reasons Why People Switch From iPhone to Android-based Smartphone

For years together, the debate over iPhones and Android Smartphones did not serve any purpose. Few people felt the need for iPhones and they were pretty happy with its use; and few others sided up with Android Smartphones. There are many online platforms such as Movical that help you compare the characteristics to strengthen your reasoning power. However for your assistance you can check out buy one get one free iphone deals until offer exist.

The following pointers can help reason out the switch from iPhone to Android-based Smartphone:

1. Android-based Smartphones are economical

Considering the current economic scenario worldwide, people are diverting from spending more on technology to funding their basic needs. With the internet access, they have become excellent in comparative analysis over multiple cell phone options. iPhones are comparatively highly priced and hence put a lot of strain on the pockets of the customers.

2. Android users feel their Smartphones are user-friendly

Many found iPhones to be a little complex when it comes to using certain built-in features. On the other hand, they found Android features quite comfortable and friendly. The easy-to-use tendency of Android-based Smartphones is one striking reason why people are switching from iPhone to Android.

3. iPhones miss on certain features

Regular Android users when switched to iPhones, they found it very difficult to navigate the screen without the ‘back’ button. This missing feature got them irritated and projected a lot of discomfort. To add more to this, the latest version of iPhones have stopped manufacturing headphone jack. This further brings down the excitement level of iPhone customers.

4. No Apps drawer in an iPhone

Alike the Android Smartphone, iPhone does not have an App drawer that helps you organize stuff on your cell phone screen.Home screen in iPhone is a place where all the Apps are shown. App folders are created individually to organize all the clutter on the screen.

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