5 Reasons Your Company Should Use Proxy Servers

Many people have a limited understanding of proxy servers. If you link proxies only to accessing Netflix shows when you are abroad or being more protected while using a WiFi network in a local coffee shop, you will be surprised. Proxy servers can do a lot more, and they can be extremely helpful for companies and corporations.

5 uses of proxies for companies

Proxy servers can be useful for a bunch of essential functions in the business world. They can improve almost everything from marketing strategy to controlling employees. Here is what every manager should remember about proxies.


A proxy decreases the odds of virus attacks as it provides an extra level of protection between the web and your servers. Working as a barrier, proxies process tons of requests from your workstations to the network to make sure you avoid malicious programs.

Advertising campaigns

With the help of proxies, you can create various social media accounts to promote your services where you need them. For example, you can opt for a NL proxy to advertise your products in the Netherlands. It is the easiest way to reach a local market if you live in another country.

Better speed

Proxy servers boost speeds and improve bandwidth by decreasing traffic, caching frequently used web pages, and removing advertisements from sites. Check to get really fast proxies at a low cost.


When your company’s site is going down, your customers are unhappy. Proxy servers along with cloud storage enhance customer experience preventing overloads. They help your local network deals with vast amounts of traffic.

Internet usage

When you use a proxy, it is possible to monitor which computers are in your network plus which websites they often use. You can prohibit access to particular sites you don’t want the staff to visit at the workplace.