All you need to know about automatic summarizers

Sifting the thoughts to obtain the summary from the original text can be a hectic task. However, with effective summarizing tools available online, now you can do the same in the blink of an eye. These automatic summarizers are more accurate than the content that you may obtain manually. You may find a wide range of summarizing tools online, but it is really important to choose the right one with maximum accuracy. Not only these tools save your time but also assure the quality work that you may need to present in your school, college, university or even in the office.

Initially, you may have trust issues and you may spend a lot of time in evaluating the content that the software has generated but trust us, these summarizing tools have a strong algorithm and thus you need not proofread the same to check the quality of the content. The summary generated looks more like a handwritten material. The time saved here can be used for productive usage like studying and focusing on other things in which you feel you lag behind.

For all such people who are not much aware of this amazing tool, here is a brief about the same.

What is automatic summarization?

It is the process that helps to create the summary of the text you have fed in computer software designed for the same. The algorithm of software is designed in such a way that it picks out the most important keywords from the content you have provided and make sure to use the same in the summary to retain its effectiveness. It shortens the content into a paragraph but ensures that words are effective enough to preserve the essence and meaning of the original content.

Types of summarizations

  • Document summarization: Under this type, the software shortens the sentences to frame short paragraphs.
  • Key phrase extraction: Under this type, the software focuses on keywords and phrases to ensure that these are well tagged in the paragraph.

How does it work?

There are primarily two ways in which these summarizing tools work:

  • One way is to use the extractive method, where a subset of existing words is selected from the original text to frame the summaries.
  • Another way of doing the same is an abstractive method, under which semantic representation is built, and the software uses the language generation techniques in order to frame the summary of the original text. Unlike the previous one, the summary generated through abstractive method may have various new words that were not there in the original text.

The software’s are designed in a way that while preparing the summary; it considers the various factors like:

  • Length of the document
  • The style used in writing the original content
  • Syntax

Considering all these factors, the meaningful and useful summary is created that looks more like a handwritten summary.

So if you also have a pile of projects which you need to summarize in short span of time, then look for the best available summarizer tool for an effective and impactful summary.