Apis Are Technology’s Catalyst Of The Future

Just as highways connect roads and bridges connect landmarks, so to do APIs connect software across the Internet allowing for data and information to flow freely. This open exchange allows for our daily apps to function. From Gmail to Siri, APIs play the crucial role of transferring data across systems, mainframes and apps. One of the best places to see a variety of APIs in one place is This API marketplace enables users to find the best API for their given app.

What kinds of APIs are there?

There are many kinds of APIs from food to texting APIs to music. Almost any kind or category you can imagine, there’s an API for that. Technically, there are a couple of different API architectures that can be used. The older of these technologies is called SOAP. It isn’t used too much these days and largely has been replaced by REST APIs. REST APIs are the majority of APIs in use today and offer a clean and simple way to interact and integrate technologies with. There’s a newer type as well that has come out in the past couple of years and that is GraphQL. GraphQL batches together multiple requests in one to help reduce transmission connections and speeding up data transfer.

How to select the right API?

The very first thing you want to do is establish your objective. What do you intend to accomplish? If your objective is to process customer feedback, then you want to steer towards NLP or text analysis APIs. If your app is related to food, then your category of API can be established quite easily. There can sometimes be multiple APIs offering the same solution. For that, we will discuss some criteria that you can sift through in order to find the right API. Once your objective is established, you can move towards certain categories of APIs to choose from.

Can I sell my API on Dcoderr?

Yes! If you have amazing data to offer customers, you can definitely sell access to your API.

How much can I make by selling my API on Dcoderr?

This number can vary, but it seems to grow over time. We’ll be referencing a post on It definitely takes time for an API to get established. Some APIs bounce off quick in the beginning such as the case of a student who created a web scraping API that earned $500 in a couple of weeks. The field and industry your API is in matters as well. Education APIs aren’t that coveted and might not see a lot of growth, whereas AI APIs are in big demand.

The case mentioned in the article is of a person who is raking in around $15K/month. That’s substantial given that it took him about a year to see that type of growth. His sales have increased by another 33% after a year of the article being written.

TLDR: Check out our API calculator that can help you estimate how much money you can make by selling your API on Dcoderr: