Paul Petersen


The Advantages of Using IP Telephone in Your Organization

Numerous companies today are beginning to understand simply exactly how advantageous IP technology is when it concerns assisting in interactions. By utilizing internet-based systems, organizations have the ability to develop a single infrastructure that supports both their voice and data...


Are actuators different from motors?

A servomotor is a packaged combination of several components: a motor (usually electric, although fluid power motors may also be used), a gear train to reduce the many rotations of the motor to a higher torque rotation, a position encoder...


What is Cold Cathode Light?

Cold cathode lights describe a continual line of light without the gaps, as well as shadows as a seen alike source of lights, like light giving off diodes or fluorescent components. Cold cathode lights offer what is commonly referred to...


Digital forensics and its applications

Digital forensics is an offshoot subdivision of forensic science that involves the investigation and revival of information that has been stolen via digital devices. This is more often than not connected to computer crime. There are many digital forensic companies...

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