Best Guide for the Red Dot and Sights

You could get any red dot for casual hunting, but if you’re looking for expert advice on choosing the best one for your needs then you’ve come to the right place.Make sure the option you choose has all the features you need. After all, does it make sense to buy something that isn’t usable?

If you are purchasing your shooting equipment, or already have one, surely you have already asked yourself which is the best accessory to make your sights: Spotting scope, Red-Dot, or leave with the Open Sight? ak 47 red dot guide will make you understand these matters.

Each of these accessories has specific functions, and has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the equipment used and the purpose of the shot, one will be more suitable than the other.

So let’s understand the main differences between them:

Open Sight:

  • We refer to the open sight whenever no optical equipment is used.
  • According to ak 47 red dot guide, the open sights are usually formed by the loop and sight mass.
  • In this system, the shooter must make the aim in such a way as to align the target with the mass, and this with the handle.
  • It is super affordable, since it usually comes with the shooting equipment.
  • Its use is very intuitive, and can be used efficiently by both novice and experienced snipers.
  • There are countless shapes, types, and systems of handle and targeting mass. Some are extremely efficient, others not so much. The quality of a rifle is often linked to the quality of the rifle that it has.
  • Regardless of efficiency, this type of sight is best suited for short distances (up to 20 meters).

Holographic Sight:

They do not produce an increase (or approximation) of the target.They provide a very quick view, since they do not need any type of alignment (as seen previously in the open sights), just position the red (or green) point on the target, and make the shot. So it is very suitable for short and quick shots.

It is indicated for more intuitive shots, of medium and short distance, with targets or sniper in movement.

It is not recommended for shots of extreme precision (like competition for example), at long distance, since it does not have approach, and, the red dot covers relatively the target, making the sight more referential. The more distant the target, the more evident this deficiency becomes.It can be used with all kinds of shooting equipment: carbines, rifles, gun, airsoft, crossbow, etc.

The telescopes are optical devices that aim to “close” the target of the shooter.There are a multitude of models on the market, with greater or lesser approximation, with more or less resources, various types of lattices. Anyway, there are telescopes for all “pockets and tastes”.

They “magnify” the target, which allows you to more effectively visualize and target targets over greater distances.They are the dream of every sniper, as it gives the impression of ensuring greater accuracy and range of shots.