Budget gaming monitors: Things to consider!

If you are buying your first gaming monitor, the choices can be overwhelming. Most new buyers are confused about varied aspects, including the size of screen, resolution, brand, and whether or not they should buy their product online. Assuming that you don’t wish to spend a massive amount right away, we are suggesting things that matter in buying a budget gaming monitor.

Should you buy online?

Yes, absolutely! Why not? Many stores have amazing deals on gaming monitors, and you are likely to find a wide range of options. You can check for PrimeCables 4K gaming monitor, which costs less than $500. The idea is to consider a monitor that’s designed for gaming, and if a reliable online store can offer a better discount, there is no reason to step back.

Knowing the basics

Assuming that you are new to the world of gaming, we recommend that you start by looking for the basic aspects – refresh rate, type of panel, and resolution. The refresh rate is the number of times a gaming monitor refreshes the image onscreen, which can have a huge impact on overall gaming actions. At the least, go for a monitor that has a refresh rate of 60hz. Here are some other things to consider –

  1. Go for a 4k monitor. With 4K gaming monitors becoming the new norm, it makes no sense to settle for Full HD anymore. High resolution translates into better picture, but a good gaming monitor also requires an equally good graphics card.
  2. Don’t buy a big gaming monitor. Most new gamers make the mistake of going for an oversized monitor. You don’t need a screen bigger than 27-inch. It is not like buying a TV. For gaming, you want to have a complete view of the screen, and if the monitor is too huge, you will have to keep turning your head from one side to another.
  3. Do check the panel options. There are basically three kinds of panels to choose from – TN, IPS and VA. If you don’t mind compromising with the image quality or color production, TN panels are great as first gaming monitors. IPS monitors have better response time and color production too. VA panels, on the other hand, are great for contrast.

You may also find curved monitors exciting, but for the first purchase, go for a flat gaming monitor, which is in budget and offers value for money in the best sense.