Businesses Turn to NetBase and Other Social Media Monitoring Applications for Marketing Success

Companies Take the Advantage

In today’s social media culture, businesses are beginning to have a great advantage to interact with their customers and consumers by using social media monitoring. Social media monitoring allows a person, company, or organization to monitor how others are responding to their services, products, or political party positioning to their real audience.

NetBase and Others

There have been substantial social media monitoring organizations that have cropped up in this social frenzy for consumers. Probably the most notable company to influence larger Fortune 500 companies is NetBase. NetBase crawls a companies internet social feeds, analyze the streams, categorizes the flow by thousands of data points, packs these data points into actionable “families” of interaction used by companies to fuel present and future marketing campaigns. NetBase has shown again and again by working with leading companies in various fields how to use big data accessed from social media, to ignite a real-time interaction between consumer and brand.

How to Use Monitoring Tools

Unbeaten champions of media monitoring have experienced the different dimensions that are usable for various purposes in their organizations. A company can use one tool to enhance how users and consumers perceive them. Another monitoring tool can be used among its business connections to draw and keep the best talent that is looking for employment. A company that is genuinely interested in finding lead generation can use the data to reach real-time integration with a crisis that is taking place among consumers and directly address these issues. Another powerful way that businesses are using these social monitoring tools is to unearth social feedback is in a given demographic about their brand. Also, a company can give positive feedback through their social streams to consumers and offer compelling incentives to those who are tottering between themselves and a competing brand.

Social Media Engagement Activities

  • Real-time Response
  • Local demographic reading to brand awareness
  • Give positive feedback to crises
  • Reduce Negative feedback to strong bias or opinion
  • Help to realize authentic brand positioning
  • Build new Marketing campaigns
  • Realize brand strength and weakness

Tailoring Brand Campaigns

Not every kind of knowledge gleaned from social media monitoring will be of equal value to every business. Therefore, a company needs to design its own decisive set of marketing tools based on what its brand requires for penetrating customer relations, strengthening brand awareness, and guaranteeing a higher percentage of market share through consumer engagement. A challenging scenario often arises where a brand in one company needs to change their strategies for another culture or country. Regardless of whether a company wants to increase its ROI, greater brand awareness to its customers, or test a new product among a given set of market demographics, the right use of the social monitoring can produce great results when used with precision and adeptness of market changes.

Media Marketing

While each platform media marketing is used may produce different results because of the kind of information it produces. Yet, they are each part of the same focus of giving the consumer the best service and another opportunity to serve their needs by the companies products and services. There can be no greater reward for a business than knowing it has helped the consumer to find the best service possible by interacting with them. More excellent service given may not always mean the most significant reward or benefit for the effort given since not all consumers will acquire or search for the same services and products; however, it will produce a more significant awareness of what the brand stands for and its commitment to consumer benefits.