Camera MX

Is photography therapeutic? Many social experiments and scientific research have proven that photography is a form of art that may be therapeutic and offer many more advantages to one’s mental and physical wellbeing apart from just being a hobby. Photography has shown qualities and aspects similar to meditation which requires awareness of the current state as it is considered to be a form of mindfulness.

It is also a form of creating art out of already existing things. This requires skill and passion. It is not always mandatory to own a DSLR to be a photographer. You could simply be using your phones camera and creating mesmerisingphotography during your leisure time, or it even just may be your passion. If you are someone who loves to occupy yourself clicking photos, I got some good news for you. Android studio has introduced the Camera MX app that offers all android users a fully-fledged Android camera app that can be used by all android users despite the manufacturer of their phone. The app also offers a wide range of features ensuring professional quality photos.

Photo and Video Camera app for Android

The app supports many resolutions and ratios that is supported by your camera and also has customised JPEG quality apart from its HD and high-quality photos. Furthermore, it also consists of extremely exciting filters that and effects that can be used in real time and even switchable if you decide to change your mind.

Features such as pausing videos amidst the recording, creating time-lapse to make fast motion graphics will surely blow your mind. It not only lets you make these exciting videos, but it also makes sure they are of great quality and super cool and exciting. It also consists of an inbuilt photo editor that lets you edit all your clicks according to your preference. This way, you can always take your photos and edit them using one single platform which will in turn save you so much time and effort.

Photography has always been considered a pure form of art that will help you delve into a world of fantasy and creation that helps you find the beauty of the world and also within yourself. All you have to do is download the Camera MX app onto your smartphone and start clicking away while enjoying all its unique and wide range of features for absolutely free. You can now post all of those mesmerising selfies and portraits on social media and grab the attention of literally everyone at first sight! ‘Beaty lies within the eye of the beholder’ and with Camera MX you can assure all your photos to be captured and edited using the best exciting tools and features on a single platform!

Camera App Android TV and Fire TV

You can connect any supported external camera to your Android TV box. Since those are based on Android operating system, you can easily connect your Android camera device. You can either rely on default camera app or install any of your favourite camera app from play store. Since Play Store TV does not provide any Android camera apps, you can use any third-party Android TV stores like AppLinked or FileSynced.

No need to follow hard procedures to install those app on your TV box. Just create account on AppLinked or FileSynced. Then upload favourite camera apk to those stores. Easily install and share that camera app with friends.