CCleaner APK for Android

Does your phone or tablet full of junks and always say memory full? Does your phone or tablet is too slow to work? There are many software solutions for that. Clean, Optimize and boost performance with CCleaner. Cleaning internal and external storages of Android phones cannot perform manually. Many uses File Manager to find and delete unwanted files. It is not safe at all. There is high chance of accidently deleting important file that may cause malfunctioning of certain apps even system. Therefore, always use effect Android junk cleaning application like Clean Master, CCleaner, NOX Cleaner, Bee Booster and etc.

CCleaner available for both Windows and Android. You can clean and optimize both your PC and phone using single application. You can use Google Play Store install CCleaner on any Android phone. For Android devices without play store can use AC Market. AC Market app offers apps and games for free and support all most all Android devices.

Below show some features of this apk. For all the features and tweaks please install this application using your favorite app store.

Features of CCleaner

Reclaim Storage Space–Storage space can be reclaim using few steps. This feature can easily remove junks including caches, residual files, corrupted files, remains of system updates, and etc. Next identify rarely used and unused applications and games. Delete those using CCleaner to remove all available files including backups.

Speed up your device–Quickly boost performance by closing running tasks and apps with task killer. Hibernating unwanted apps running in background increase free RAM and CPU processing power.

Boost performance and Battery Life–Disable function you do not use. As a result, those functions won’t drain battery power throughout the day. That helps to boost performance too. You can set custom battery profiles to auto adjust. For example, profile for home, work and when driving.

App Analyzing – It is hard to decide which apps cause your phone to slow down, which apps cause for quick battery drain, which uses internet data most and etc. App Analyzing feature can shows apps that

  • Drain battery power post
  • Uses resources most
  • How often you use those apps

Uninstall or block apps that you want by checking that information to boost battery life and performance.

Optimize Photo Storage – Helps to find bad photos like similar photos, brighter photos, out of focus photos, too dark photos, poor quality and etc. Find and delete photos and other media files from group chats, private chats and other social media apps.

You can use cleaning applications on Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices too. Use FileSynced to download this cleaning application for your TV box.