Email automation: give the technical work to the robot and leave the creativity to yourself

Email automation is a comfortable solution for the development of a company’s e-commerce. It greatly simplifies the work on the mailing and relieves the company’s employees of the obligation to perform routine work. So, what can you put in the hands of an automated mailing list without fear of doing the job less well than a professional could do?

Reply and its experts have developed algorithms for the proper layout and application of email automation for brand development or business sales. It is important to clarify what are the limits of automated processes and where on the contrary, they have no equal in performing technical tasks. By the way, as research shows, 40% of marketers use email automation specifically in forming and sending emails. And this trend is growing all the time. Therefore, such solutions are the optimal actions to reduce costs and expand the circle of clients.

+The Top 5 Key Features of Automated Marketing

Email marketing automation is used to increase customer loyalty through customer engagement. Intelligent management of email mailing lists, will help to set up the mailing to start a real dialogue with the customer, not just throw them megabytes of information with low relevance.

The benefits of email automation are a wide range of useful and productive options:

  • sending personalized emails to potential customers;
  • scheduling automatic mailings to subscribers based on triggers;
  • increase user engagement without reducing the amount of contact with loyal customers;
  • increasing the productivity of the marketing department to the limits of development and return;
  • sending automatic marketing emails to every new subscriber.

And most importantly, the focus of marketers is now on other important business tasks. And all routine work passes into the hands of robotic algorithms. These are not only standard tasks – greeting emails – but also complex types of marketing – contact tagging, sales analytics, and final performance data.

The competitive advantages a company gains by using automated mailing list automation and automated dialogue is a reduction in resource costs and a powerful competitive advantage.