Four Stages When Driving Web Traffic To Your Business

You may start right away by placing online advertisement to drive traffic to your company website, but that is not the most economical approach. When you play the long game of internet marketing, you would be able to figure out many approaches that will cost you much less to get hold of your potential customers and drive product sales.

Stage 1: First of all, you will need to be able to write well. Many marketers may have not realized this aspect. You must have heard long ago about content marketing when you were marketing back in the old days. One way to put it is to say “write stuffs that people like to read or consume”. One simple example is that when people on the internet are looking for solutions to problems, pick a specific problem and write down the solution for them.

Stage 2: You will need a place to write down your solution. If you plan ahead, in fact you may have already gathered at least from 10 to 20 problems in your niche that will require pragmatic answers. It is better to set up a blog. The first option is that may set up your blog on one of the free blogging platforms such as Google Blogger,, Medium, or more. This way you will not get a top level domain (TLD) specifically for your blog. You will have little control over SEO (i.e. organic search ranking of your free blog is usually out of your control). You would aim to do blogging for long term, and therefore you will buy a domain name and get a paid hosting solution to host your blog. One platform to quickly launch a blog is through using

Stage 3: Learn to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your own blog. Be highly aware of the implementation of mobile SEO. The reason is that in the era of mobile devices, Google has its mobile-first indexing implemented to the web.

Stage 4: You will need to learn how to communicate and/or market on social media channels using content marketing effort. For the solution that you written, you will need to show it to the people who needs it. Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) are platforms in which you may show your solution to the right people. For example, you may find a group in Facebook where people in the group regularly talk about stuffs in your niche. You would probably see that they do have a few issues awaiting to be resolved. When you are able to produce a solution to one or two of the specific problems, you may well become the superstar. You may publish the answer directly as a post, or you may share your previously written blog article (where you have written the solution to the problem).