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How To Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting Services?

BTC or Bitcoin is a digital or cryptocurrency, which was introduced in 2008. Today, major online stores are accepting BTC as a payment method. Some buyers don’t approve of it as a payment method because it is not protected with a chargeback option. Customers feel the risk of never getting a refund or services or trapped in a scam.

If you are planning to buy VPS with BitCoinit is necessary to take extra care. The provider gets protection from stolen PayPal accounts and fraudulent chargebacks, but customers can fall for a scam like never getting service. Fortunately, you can buy bitcoin VPS hosting services from 1Gbits.com. They offer the latest industry-grade hardware and a secure server. You can check their website to look at the kind of VPS services offered for RDP services, Windows, and Linux.

How to buy bitcoin VPS hosting services?

You will need to consider a few things if you want to buy hosting services using BTC without any concerns about losing money or getting trapped in a scam.

Obtain Bitcoin – mine or buy

You will need bitcoins, so either buy it or mine it. BTC can be purchased at bitcoin exchange services. You can even mine BTC on your computer but is not recommended. It is great to participate in a BTC mining pool. A huge network of participants offers resources for a common reason to earn BTC and share profits.

Search for bitcoin VPS hosting service

After you gather BTC, look for a hosting service that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment mode. Go on a Google search and make a list of the BTC VPS providers. Every provider cannot be trusted, so you need to do some research.

Verify the credibility of the BTC hosting service 

After you got a suitable hosting service, never jump to buy a VPS package. The reason is that BTC transfers cannot revert. There is no way a chargeback can be issued. Besides, BTC is a hush-hush payment method. It is a decentralized and unregulated form of digital currency.

It is the main reason that attracts malicious minded people. Hackers create websites, where bitcoin VPS hosting service gets offered. If you pay, the crooks keep your BTC and never offer the services. Therefore it becomes mandatory to confirm that the bitcoin VPS hosting service you choose is reputable and established before making the payment. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the steps given below for your personal safety.

  • Research – Look for reviews associated with the potential provider.
  • Social media – Check popular social channels like Twitter and Facebook because every committed provider maintains social visibility. They even have followers and reviews on their social platforms.
  • Check the domain registration date and contact information. The domain has to be older than 3 years.
  • Good reviews, real contact details, registration, and active social presence are an ideal profile to place your trust.

Bitcoin is a secure web hosting payment mode. The only drawback is for customers, which is the hopelessness to revert payment. So, it is crucial to perform thorough research before you pay.