How to Choose Night Vision Binoculars Generation?

Night Vision Goggles VS Night Vision Binoculars: How to Choose?

When picking out the right night vision binoculars you need to take into account different features. Mainly your choice is predetermined by your budget and purpose of buying night vision equipment. Anyway, you’d better study all attainable night vision binoculars qualities before you decide on the proper ones. Generation is a vital detail you have to pay great attention to.

Peculiarities of Generations

Generation means the technology used in binoculars manufacturing and its models, and the compilation of features it proposes.

  • Gen 1 – the most spread and low-budget technology, which was developed by the Americans during WWII. It is commonly used by beginners and some professionals as well. Although it is limited in some abilities, Gen 1 night vision devices provide you with its long life and service in different weather conditions.
  • Gen 2 – more developed technology, which uses a microchannel plate, and provides night vision binoculars user with more contrastive and precise image. So, that you don’t get blurred spots, and improper calculations in the end.
  • Gen 3 – containing gallium arsenide, the technology supplies more contrastive and bright image, but is far more expensive than the previous two. Mainly for professional usage. Which means they are exploited for military purposes and by highly-professional hunters mostly.
  • Gen 4 – the technology exploits the increased light-intensification tube, which provides the best possible quality. Gen 4 binoculars are for professional use only, and are used by special forces. Some experts say that the difference between Gen 3 and Gen 4 is so little that it shouldn’t be counted at all. As a result, Gen 4 terminology is used more by manufacturers than users.

Find your best price-quality combination and choose the right night vision binoculars with ease.