How to Prepare For a First Meeting with a Client?

Do you know how to prepare a meeting? If there is something extremely important to any business, it is the organization. If there is no good organization, many things can be overlooked that will prevent us from achieving the desired results.

This happens in all areas of the business: in the definition of objectives, in the design of a new product, in the marketing strategy or meetings with customers, these and more as suggested by catapult revenue.

When having the first meeting with a client, you must have a clear guide to what you want to talk about what you want to ask him or what you want to show your client.

Today I am going to share with you the steps we follow to prepare a meeting and make it a success.

Important Steps for Your First Meeting with a Client

The first thing you should do is an audit job in which you will evaluate different aspects of your client’s business: social networks, the website, their portfolio, the ads that have assets, etc. From this work, you will draw many conclusions that will help you prepare the questions you want to ask the client. It may seem like a minor preliminary step, but believe me, the amount of information you can draw from this research is enormous.

Questions Not To Be Missed In Any Meeting

  • What sets you apart from others? This will let you know what their badge is and understand what they value most about their business. In this way, you can then use that badge to develop your service proposal based on their needs and have compelling arguments to back it up.
  • What are your goals? Knowing your goals, you will be able to emphasize how your services can help you achieve what you have set out to do.
  • What is the product you sell best? From here, you can get interesting information about their most successful product. Let the client explain and tell you in detail.
  • Why have you decided to contact me now? Perhaps your client had previously given up on solving the problem he has and has now decided to try again. It is important to know what has led him to look for your services now and not at another time to develop a better proposal.
  • What’s your story? It is very interesting to know the most emotional part of your client’s business. Ask him what his story is, how it started, why he sells a specific product. Answering these questions can give you a lot of details about your business that will be very useful to understand what you need.
  • What equipment do you have and what are your resources? This question is extremely important because you must know what resources are available to hire you. You may have a great idea that needs great resources, and if the client does not have them, you should find a more suitable one for him.
  • What are your priority objectives? Finally, and closely related to the question about resources, knowing what your priority objectives are will allow you to make an adapted proposal to the client, focused only on some of their objectives (the most priority) if your initial proposal is not accessible for him.

If you follow these steps when preparing the first meeting with your client, I assure you that you will have much more possibilities to sell.