Hybrid Work Essentials for Your HR Team

A hybrid work setup enables employees to combine working from home with working in the office. Sometimes, employees come into the office only for meetings, team building, or project kick-offs. They may also opt to work from home during activities that require their focus. 

The best way to create a successful hybrid work setup is to ensure that communication channels are open and fluid between the office and employees. Employees are eager to know when they will be coming to work, but not all roles are conducive to remote working. For instance, a remote employee may not be as focused or productive as an office-based employee. The flexibility to choose when and where to work can help employees manage their time and private lives better. Keeping this in mind, the following are essential HR solutions for a hybrid work setup:


In a work environment like the Philippines, payroll is often the first function of an HR department to experience digitalization when the business moves to hybrid work arrangements. All payroll-related processes can be performed using payroll package software.

GreatDay HR’s payroll function allows the business to digitize their Philippines payroll system and use the HRIS’ other features such as attendance, leave, and overtime filing, to name a few. The payroll software can also instantly calculate taxes and update tax rulings based on Philippine tax laws. Furthermore, it allows businesses to add and subtract new components to employees’ salaries, such as allowances or deductions. These components can be set up for each month or every pay cycle.

Intelligent temperature checking system (ITCS)

While there are easing restrictions, the importance of health remains high as the world is still suffering from a pandemic. Temperature checks are one way to ensure that employees are at their best, especially if it’s going to work. GreatDay HR provides an intelligent temp checking system (ITCS) that measures employees’ body temperature using the office’s kiosk.

Employees with a higher temperature than the norm will receive notification from the HR department regarding their health. Once this is done, the department can recommend the best action for the employee’s wellbeing. The ITCS reminds employees to wear their masks when they’re in the office. It allows employees to follow the face mask rules. It also helps to show how much a company values its employees.

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