Keep an Eye on Your Loved One’s WhatsApp With TheOneSpy

Are you worried about online chats of your children? Does the online presence of your partner make you suspicious? There is a mobile phone app that lets you keep an eye on your loved ones’ online and offline activities. You can secretly and remotely monitor their digital behavior and activities performed on social media and instant messaging apps. TheOneSpy enables users to keep tabs on smartphones of their loved ones without letting them know. Once you install the app on the targeted cell phone, you can monitor and operate the phone without having access. The web based control panel of the app enables the end-user to control the targeted cell phone remotely. Read on to know how the cell phone tracking app allows keeping an eye on WhatsApp and many other instant and social messengers of your loved ones.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Monitoring App

TheOneSpy offers monitoring solution for android mobile phones and tablets. There is a wide range of spying features enabling the end-user to keep a secret eye on cell phone use of concerned ones. Among the most powerful features of the app social media and instant messenger monitoring is one. It enables the user to secretly monitor the online activities of children and spouse. Parents can watch out the social media chats and posts of their children to protect them from harassers and predators. The married individuals can catch cheating partner red-handed by accessing their online chats. The cell phone surveillance app tracks WhatsApp messenger, Facebook messenger, Snapchat and many commonly used social and communication apps. Read on to know how the WhatsApp spy software works.

How WhatsApp Spy App Works

The android parental control app secretly accesses WhatsApp data saved on kids’ monitored mobile phones. It includes chats, call logs, photos, videos and voice recordings. The app uploads the data to the online storage of TheOneSpy. The end-user of the app can log into the online portal of TheOneSpy to access the uploaded data. Read on to know the features of the surveillance app to understand the working and functionality.

Read Text Messages

The instant messenger app allows user to exchange text messages with online fellows. Parents can find out what messages their kids have been receiving and what they have sending. The WhatsApp tracker app provides access to WhatsApp messages saved on kids’ monitored mobile phones. The end-user of the spy app can read these chats via online portal. The app also provides contact information of message receiving and sending parties.

Listen to Voice Messages

The high-tech cell phone surveillance app also provides access to voice messages of WhatsApp. It enables parents to listen to the verbal chats of their children to ensure they are neither involved in wrongdoings nor being victim of harassment and child molestation. By logging into the online portal of WhatsApp spy app you can access voice messages and voice recordings of your concerned ones.

Track Call Logs

The phone calls received and made by your children through WhatsApp messenger can be monitored remotely. You can access WhatsApp call logs to get the detail of incoming and outgoing voice and video calls of your concerned ones.

View Images and Videos

The WhatsApp tracker app lets you know what photos and videos your kids have been receiving and transmitting. You can access the media files exchanged via instant messenger right from the online portal.

Record Screen

The WhatsApp parental control app enables parents to monitor almost every activity performed on the instant messenger. It records screen of the targeted mobile phone to let you know what the object is doing in real-time.

How to Get WhatsApp Tracker App

The WhatsApp spy app for android mobile phones is not available on Google Play Store. You can download it from the official website of phone spy app TheOneSpy. Get the android monitoring solution and install on the targeted android phone or tablet. You may need to root the targeted android device to get it installed with the app.

Compatible Devices

The WhatsApp spy software is compatible with mobile phones running Android operating system. The supported smartphone brands include but not limited to Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony and Huawei. The mobile phone devices manufactured by TCL are not supported. The app supports all mobile phone networks.