Keeping Tabs on Someone’s Android Device Secretly  


In today’s digital age, one can make use of a smartphone to track or spy on anyone. Almost everything can be performed on smartphones these days be it watching a movie, reading the latest news, shopping for clothes or grocery, banking, booking a cab or purchasing movie tickets. It’s hard to find someone without a smartphone nowadays, and this is why it is easier to track someone anytime. 

Tracking someone’s phone activity can be done with the help of spy apps. A spy app for Android or iPhone is specially designed to keep tabs on someone’s phone activity. Another term used for spy apps is monitoring apps and they are easily available in the online app stores. 

When spy apps were first introduced, users found them quite complex and expensive. However, as the demand for such apps was realized, more software development companies started to launch spy apps that were not only easy to use but convenient as well as affordable. 

Thanks to the advanced technologies, spy apps can now be used by someone who has no technical know-how or computer knowledge. They can be readily installed on the target device, allowing you to monitor their complete phone activity. If you want to learn why spy apps were created in the first place and how to use them then keep reading this article as we will explain everything about using a spy app. 

The Need for Spy Apps 

Spy apps were introduced because many people were concerned about their loved one’s privacy on the internet. This was true especially for concerned parents who wanted to make sure their children were not facing any troubles in the digital world. 

Quite often, children are exposed to several online risks while they are accessing the internet via smartphones. To ensure they remain safe from such risks, parents decided to install the spy apps on their kids’ devices so they could monitor their online activity. 

On the other hand, employers and organizations started using monitoring apps to track their employees’ activity and monitor their performance during office hours. These apps also helped them track their employees’ location when they were sent out on business trips. Monitoring their locations helped them know whether or not their employees were at the designated places.  

Last but not least, people who suspected their spouses and wanted to track their phone activity including calls and text messages needed spy apps so they could find out whether or not they were being cheated in the relationship. 

Choosing a Spy App for Android or iPhone 

Choosing a spy app for Android or iPhone is the primary step towards monitoring someone’s phone activity. First of all, you need to choose a spy app that will suit all your needs and requirements. For instance, you may only need a spy app to track someone’s phone location or monitor their entire phone activity including calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history, etc. 

It is important to choose the spy app wisely as there might be some apps that are only good with tracking someone’s location whereas others might be able to help you monitor their entire phone activity. Therefore, you need to choose the app that fulfills your needs and whose price falls under your budget too. 

Installing the Spy App on Someone’s Phone 

If you are wondering how to install the spy app on someone’s phone then you do not need to worry. Some monitoring apps are really easy to install. In fact, some only take a few seconds to get installed on the device. 

The first step requires you to register with the spy app’s manufacturer site and create an account with them. If your target is using an Android device, you will need physical access to that device to be able to install the spy app on it. 

Once you have got access to the target’s Android device, you will download and install the spy app on it. As soon as the spy app is successfully deployed in the target device, you can log into your online dashboard from your device and start monitoring their phone activity. You need to make sure both the devices are connected to the internet to avoid any disruption in the monitoring process. 

On the online dashboard, you can remotely monitor someone’s Android activity from anywhere and at any time. For example, you can keep tabs on someone’s incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. You can also track their whereabouts and find all about the places they are visiting. 

Using an Android spy app or iPhone spy app to monitor someone’s phone activity is recommended as it allows you to prevent your loved ones from online risks. Spy apps can help employees can catch their employees red-handed if they are seen performing any leisure activity instead of focusing on the job during working hours. 

Some may argue that using monitoring apps is illegal. Most companies inform their employees before they begin monitoring their activity. However, parents might not do the same because they would not want their kids to become offensive. Therefore, they decide to use these apps secretly.