Popular Onboarding Techniques That Deliver Better User Engagement

Getting hits is not the end of success story of any business. In fact, it is just the start. The real task that follows is to win customers’ loyalty. Making business application engaging is the first step towards enhancing customer experience. In addition, the businesses employ user onboarding software experts who can design engagement tools to make application more inviting and engaging. Software makes use of various onboarding techniques to accomplish the objectives of application. Some of these onboarding techniques are:

  • Profile-based onboarding

Onboarding is part of web or mobile application development. The most obvious way of engaging users is to identify their job profile and give them a prompt to select the profile. On the basis of profile selected, the application format is introduced to the user. Thus, the user is not bothered with unnecessary details and given only the features relevant to their purpose.

  • Provide fastest solution in first attempt

This onboarding technique is mostly used in casino games or other game application where the users are given upper hand in the first game. The success achieved in the very first attempt encourages the users to explore further and this leads to a long-lasting relationship eventually.

  • Giving crisp introduction and usage guide

With the help of infographics or other engaging tools like walkthroughs, screen overlays, coach screens and progress bars, the designer can guide the user on how to use application. With the help of these engaging onboarding techniques, the developers can achieve enhanced user engagement.

  • Minimal steps in sign-up process

People are not interested in divulging lots of details for using a business application. They want the application to speak to them in a way that suits their interest and intention of using the application only. Thus, the use of minimal sign-up process is another onboarding technique that helps in engaging the customers.

The feature adoption software is another product that works in conjugation with these techniques. So, reach to the feature adoption and user engagement experts and give your business application that cutting edge useful in winning loyal customers. They use the above-mentioned techniques to accomplish the objectives of onboarding.