Red Moon – Android screen filter

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? One of the most affecting reason is be your phone. Because starring at your phone very long time before sleeping cause sleeping issues. Only high-end phones can go dimmer that is comfortable for eye. Rest will have slightly brighter display and lesser blue light filtering. Most of the time blue light cause eye strain and sleeping troubles.

Red Moon is the best Android filter that can actively block blue light. Blocking blue light or cutting blue light when using a phone is good for your eye. When it gets evening and area around you getting darker, it is not good to look at something much brighter. Red Moon apk can automatically add filters and make your display darker and comfortable when outside become darker. Mostly focused feature of Red Moon Android Filter app is to provide comfortable sleep at night. Because many researches has discovered that blue light emitting from display will make it harder to sleep.

Features of Red Moon Filter

  • Automatically apply filters when needed. No need to manually apply.
  • You can use custom time of the day that this filter should apply or not.
  • Contain different filter types for reading, watching a video and more.
  • Comes with easy to filter color options.
  • No need to open Red Moon app every time. You can use Red Moon widget to enable or disable darker mode quickly.
  • If you do not like widgets, you can quickly control this app using notifications too.
  • Using this app won’t effect of your battery life. If works cleverly to stop using battery when app is not working.
  • Instead of applying darker filter top of phone brightness, this app can integrate with system brightness to provide seamless experience.
  • You may find interesting and user-friendly interface. Because this app uses material design guidelines. That make it easier for any Android user to use this app.
  • Unlike other android apps, you may not get annoyed by those pop up and video ads.

Red Moon is more like an Android tool instead of a app. Because it uses hardware features like brightness, color saturation and many more. Therefore, this app or tool require more permissions than other ordinary Android apps and games. Below listed some of the main permissions required by this app.

  • “Draw over other apps” – this permission was used to filter blue lights from your phone screen.
  • “Modify system settings” – This is used to change phone brightness.

Just like that there are some other permissions are required to work properly. You can download this app from Google play store. It is not free. You have to buy. However you can freely download those premium apps and games from third party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide.