Smart Tiktok View Choices for You

Social media has been the main channel of communication for companies since the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a coronavirus pandemic state. Since we are experiencing a period of social isolation, it is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to strengthen their relationship with customers.

In addition, this way has proved to be very efficient in creating proximity to the target audience of companies. To this end, many of them are opting to promote campaigns, events, offers and countless other ways to encourage sales. In this post, we will bring good practices that companies can adhere to on their social media during the pandemic.

Social media and its importance for companies in the midst of the pandemic

Scenario of the use of social media in the crisis

According to an analysis in its own campaigns, noticed that there was an increase in the consumption of social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok. In 7.5 million posts from the company, the number of daily likes increased by 76% in the last two weeks. For the tiktok views this is important.

  • In the impressions of the campaign on the social network, the relationship between the first quarter and the fourth quarter also showed an increase of 22%. In the data of 2,152 influencers of the TikTok network, engagement increased by 27% from February to March. This is due in large part to social isolation, which makes people more connected to the media.
  • In addition, there was a great popular interest in consuming information about the new pandemic. For this reason, small and medium-sized companies have invested in the creation of content that answers simple questions and guides prevention. This is also a way to bring the public closer and make them a loyal consumer of your posts.

Business actions for the small entrepreneur

In view of the pandemic crisis, small entrepreneurs are also having access to very significant aid. Facebook, for example, has developed actions aimed at helping small and medium-sized companies to get through the crisis with the least possible loss.

With that, the Facebook Small Business Grant Program was launched. It is a scholarship program that aims to help around 30,000 businesses in more than 30 countries in which this social media operates. With this action, companies will have assistance with rent expenses, will be able to qualify their labor and connect their business to the internet.

The initial investment for this program is around 100 million dollars. Registration to participate is open during the next weeks and it is possible to participate by registering on the official Facebook for Business website.

Social media and its importance for companies in the midst of the pandemic

Thinking about communication strategies for social media

Creating content on social media is the best way to strengthen the image of companies in the current scenario. This type of action makes enterprises add value, building a good brand for their consumers. So, there are basic strategies you can follow to achieve this goal.

The most important part for your communication to be effective is to maintain a good regularity of posts. Thus, you will make your followers wait for the new post and this will give you credibility. Also, remember to create content that is related to your segment and that is, in a way, educational.