Some Must Have Questions in Your Return to Work Strategy

As the lockdown related to the coronavirus pandemic are receding in most places, many companies are asking their employees to return to the office. These employees have got accustomed to the work from a home model, and many of them are finding it difficult to revert to the old style of work. Some are even cautious about going out of the house as the coronavirus fear is still not over.

If your company is asking you to return to the workplace, you need to get yourself prepared for it. You must make a return to work questionnaire and ask yourself the same questions for the first few days of your work. This questionnaire will be the first aspect of your return to work strategy. These strategies will help you accustomed to the old normal and make you more productive. Let us look at some of the questions that must find its place in the questionnaire.

How much concern do you have for Covid around you?

As you step out of your house, the first question that must strike your head is whether you should be concerned about Covid around you. You must have a clear idea of the spread of the virus in your locality. You must also ensure that you take proper protection like wearing masks, use sanitizers when you are out of the house. As you stay safe and healthy, you will be more productive at work.

How can you maintain your safety at work?

You are responsible for your own personal hygiene at the workplace. However, the same might not be true for your office mates. You can protect yourself from the virus to some extent. However, you are going to share several commonplaces with other people in the office. They might not be as careful as you and end up spreading the virus unknowingly.

You must maintain social distancing when you are at work. The distance must increase further if you are interacting with people who show some symptoms of the disease. You must clean your hands and exposed body parts regularly. If it is not too hot, try to wear full sleeve clothes.

How would you maintain your personal hygiene while commuting to work?

If the office is near to your place, you can walk to it. Otherwise, you need to take a vehicle to reach your office. If you have a personal car, try to avail it most of the time. If you have to take public transport, try to avail them at times when it will be less crowded. Also, try not to touch different areas, and even if you do so, try wearing gloves all the time. If that is not possible, use sanitizers on your hands frequently to kill any pathogens.

Also, remember to speak less while you are moving on public transport.

These are some of the important questions that must be entered in the return to work questionnaire that you wish to prepare. The answers to these questions will help you devise the perfect return to work strategy. The initial days might seem to be hard and confusing. However, you will gradually get accustomed to this lifestyle as the days progress.