Supply Chain Management Systems For Your Business Needs

In simple words supply chain management (SCM) can be explained as: The process of planning, executing and controlling the ongoing processes with the idea of customer satisfaction and requirement. A business runs on the availability and flow of its raw material. Supply chain management is a detailed process that involves steps and processes that convert the raw material into the end product.

Typically, in small businesses SCM is a one process but in big setups it is divided into:

  • SCM- supply chain management
  • OM- operations management

You need to pick a Supply Chain software based on your business needs. The top SCM software vendors that are swiping the market are:

SAP Digital supply chain – SAP has been around since 1972 and is considered as one of the oldest Germany based softwares company. It experts in ERP systems introduced in 1977. It covers about 90% of fortune 500 companies in the world. SAP digital supply chain is divided further into two parts

Supply chain planning – It involves the interaction of SAP other softwares like Analytics cloud, Qualtrics and Ariba Supply Chain collaboration tool.

Supply chain logistics- It offers extended warehouse and transportation management.

SAP is suitable for large firms that have a multi million dollar setup having thousands of employees. It also requires a team of tech experts to apply the system.

ORACLE SCM Cloud – The California based company was founded in 1977.Oracle has gained fame in the development and marketing of Database Management systems. Its SCM cloud suite includes:

  • Supply chain planning
  • Procurement cloud
  • Inventory management cloud
  • Order management
  • Logistics cloud

Oracle offers affordable prices, making it equally popular in small to medium businesses. The implementation requires a skilful work source and significant investment.

JDA Supply chain platform – As honoured by Gartner, JDA is the leading provider of supply chain solutions. It has been around since 1985. The supply chain software is equipped with

  • Supply planning
  • A Fulfilment features
  • Track and trace tools
  • Transportation management
  • Warehouse management

The complexity and cost make it a bad choice for small setups. It mainly focuses on the retail sector.

LOGILITY VOYAGER solutions – Logicality originated from Atlanta focuses on customizable modules that can easily work together. The main features include

  • Demand optimisation
  • Supply planning
  • Sourcing management
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Merchandise and assortment planning

It is suitable for large to small businesses but again makes it a bit pricey for small businesses.

Choose the right supply chain software that will lead your business to the growth it deserves. The basic idea lies in the suitability of the software to your business needs.