The Best Herbal Grinder

I’ve been using a product for a while now that I want to discuss: the Mamba electric grinder.

I’ve tried quite a few herbal grinders and have always just considered them a tool that is part of the process in preparing herbs the way I like them.  Nothing exciting, just a tool.

Not the Mamba.  This is a really cool product, and I’m going to explain why it is the best grinder on the market.  But first, let me just talk about this grinder’s features.

The Mamba electric grinder: 3 ways this grinder is raising the bar

1 – Innovative Design:

The creators have obviously put a lot of thought into the design of the Mamba.  Solidly designed and quiet when in use, this grinder is a winner based on its simple one-handed operation alone.

It’s fun to grind with the Mamba.  Of the many grinders I have tried in the past, this is the only one I can say that about.  No matter what colour you pick, you’ll be happy to use such a sleek, nicely-balanced tool when your day calls for an herbal grinder.

2 – Consistently Good Grinds, Every Time:

A fluffy, consistent grind is great for any herb, and this is what you get with the Mamba each time you use it.  No clogs and it breaks up clumps, so I have never found that I have to stop my grind and clear obstructions.

When I took my Mamba apart for cleaning, I was surprised at the quality of the parts.  The aluminum design makes it easy to clean between grinds, so you can quickly switch from one herb to another without worrying about unwanted taste transfer.  Nothing about the Mamba’s design takes away from what you bought it for: good, consistent grinds.

3 – Versatility:

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder can grind just about anything you need ground, and do it faster than any other grinder I’ve ever seen.

Tea?  Cooking?  Incense?  Herbs for a vaporizer?  All of these are applications of the Mamba, and because of its easy-to-clean design, you can switch between different tasks quickly and simply.

The Mamba electric grinder is the best herbal grinder on the market

I can say with confidence that the Mamba electric grinder is the best herbal grinder on the market.  I’m done with manual hand grinders, and I can’t imagine using my coffee grinder for anything other than coffee anymore.  It’s crazy how many herbs I’ve destroyed with a coffee grinder.  If only I could go back and use a Mamba!

Electric really is the way to go.  Hand grinders just can’t match the consistently good and fast grinds of an electric grinder, and with all the features mentioned above the Mamba is the king of electric grinders.

There is really no better value out there for a herbal grinder, and the Mamba will not let you down.  Built to last and built to outperform anything out there, the designers of this electric grinder didn’t set out to build another grinder: they set out to build the best herbal grinder on the market, and they have succeeded.

Wondering how to use a herb grinder?

So let me leave you with a few don’ts and dos:

Don’t destroy expensive herbs with a poor-quality manual grinder.

Don’t think that hand-ground means better.

Do treat yourself to a consistent, fluffy grind.

Do save your wrists by going electric.

Go try the Mamba today!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.