The Best Unlocked Phones for Every Budget

An unlocked phone offers several advantages to users. From being able to access multiple networks or mobile service providers, you also get to insert multiple SIM cards and take advantage of different features offered by different providers. Looking for open line smartphones? Check out these latest phones for every budget from popular global mobile phone manufacturers:

1) Google Pixel XL (5.5″, 32GB Internal Storage/4GB RAM) – Less than $200

One of Google’s cheaper models, the Google Pixel XL 5.5-inch has a seamless body made from glass-aluminum. Its surfaces are smooth with curved edges that fit so well with your grip. The Pixel Imprint recognises registered fingerprints through a touch-sensitive sensor, allowing you to unlock your phone with a single swipe. Like most of the newer smartphone products from Google, this model boasts a vivid, cinematic display, true blacks and 16.77 million colours that brilliantly come together through a durable, precise AMOLED screen. In the camera department, Pixel is capable of capturing beautiful detailed pictures in any light at any time of the day and has received an impressive 89 DxOMark Mobile score for this particular feature.

This unlocked smartphone’s USB-C charger is lightning fast and its battery lasts all day long. 15 minutes of charging provides 7 hours of battery life, which means it only takes an hour or less to fully charge your Google Pixel unit. Furthermore, you get access to Google Assistant (also known as your personal Google) that lets you ask questions, do research and perform simple tasks on your phone hands-free with an “OK, Google” start-up command. You also have the option to expand your built-in cloud storage by purchasing a premium plan for your Google Drive or Google Photos; no need to delete old memory (videos, images, music, apps, messages and files) to accommodate new ones. Finally, with the Knock Knock and the Duo features, you can view callers before picking up any call and talk to people face to face on any device or OS, respectively.

2) LG K61 (Dual SIM 4G, 128GB Internal Storage/4GB RAM) – Less than $300

A versatile smartphone with superior photography features, you can now capture your favourite moments with the LG K61‘s high resolution quad camera. This model consists of a standard main camera, a wide angle camera, macro lenses and a camera with depth sensor. Its Advanced Quad-Cell Technology that brightens up dark backgrounds and reduces noise for images captured in low light or far more challenging light conditions. Whether you are shooting landscapes, portrait photos, group pictures or moving targets, this unlocked LG mobile phone will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your mobile photography goals. 

If you are a movie buff, this unit is set to give you a unique cinematic experience with its 19.5:9 wide display—the ideal cinematic ratio for films and epic TV shows. Audio experience is superb with a clear and immersive soundscape, made possible by DTS-X. This phone also excels in the area of battery life, providing dawn to dusk power with its hardy 4000mAh battery and fast charging abilities. You can play games, stream music and movies, create videos or capture photos without worrying about your battery life or charger. Users with an active lifestyle need not worry about randomly dropping the LG K61, since it is an accident-proof model that can take a beating, having received the military’s stamp of approval with a MIL-STD-810G certification.

3) OPPO A54 5G (Dual Sim, 6.5”, 64GB Internal Memory/4GB RAM) – Less than $400

In a list of well-rounded mobile phones that let you get more things done, the OPPO A54 is among those that stand out. This advanced smartphone offers all the perks an unlocked unit can offer including access to different SIM cards from two different networks, a Qualcomm 5G1 processor and 5G abilities that give your phone more flexibility and storage capacity. Covering all the colours in the DCI-P3 gamut, users get to experience realistically rich, vivid and accurate colours on a crisp, flat screen with a gentle curve around the back. Its 90Hz refresh and 180Hz touch sampling rates ensure smooth flow of graphics and quick response and load times.

This unlocked OPPO mobile phone comes with both manual and automatic brightness adjustment with an option to switch to a screen designed for eye comfort. With a large 5000mAh battery, it makes for a good gaming phone that lasts longer without constant recharging. You can use the OPPO A54 5G for more than a day in its optimised state all while making calls, streaming videos or playing games. Rapid charging lets you recharge your phone without waiting for a long time or slowing down basic mobile activities like typing a note, sending messages or browsing sites. The entire unit has a premium look and feel and its Super Power Saving Mode makes it more energy-efficient than other mobile phones under the same price or specs category.

Buy High Performance Unlocked Phones

There are more above average unlocked smartphone models than the ones listed above with more or less similar prices. Notable mentions include the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Xiaomi Black Shark 4 5G Gaming Phone. These units and a wide range of latest phones are available for survey and purchase on Mobileciti’s online tech store. View unlocked phones on our website and find one that matches your budget and personal preferences. We offer free shipping for all orders above $100.