Things You Need To Be Careful About While Using Small Portable Generator

So before we get into these tips, make sure that you read the instruction manual very well. This is one of the best ways for keeping safe the entire time and for a smooth operation. Make sure when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, you don’t cut any corners. These are some vital yet supplemental points and don’t intend to substitute any of the owner’s instruction manual.

  • Ventilation and carbon monoxide 
  • The use of indoor generators can negatively impact your health in minutes. The exhaust has carbon monoxide in it that is a poisonous gas that you can’t smell or see.
  • Make sure you don’t use it in enclosed areas or indoors.
  • Use the small portable generator outdoors, away from the crawl space, doors, and windows. The place has to have proper ventilation so that there is no accumulation of gas. 
  • It is recommended that you do have battery-operated CO detectors or alarms installed.
  • Fueling, gasoline, and Burn Safety:
  • Understand that gasoline is extremely explosive and flammable. 
  • In case you overfill the tank, there is a probability of overflow towards the hot engine. So make sure that there is always some room for expansion. Don’t overfill the tank at any point.
  • Before adding fuel, make sure that the engine unit is completely cooled.
  • Never smoke near the generator.
  • A lot of the appliance parts are hot enough that can cause burns while operation. So don’t make any contact with the electrical appliance before it shuts off and cools completely. 
  • Electrical Shock And Electrocution Hazards:
  • If you directly connect the portable generator with the house wiring, this can be dangerous. There can be back feed towards the power line and can injure the people around. 
  • Always stop and start the generator when there is no connection with the electrical load. This can damage some of the electronics and appliances that are valuable if not done correctly.
  • Make use of the right power cords. Never use extension cords that have any kind of exposed wires or a worn-out shield.
  • Also, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use the electrical appliance when your hands are wet as this can be risky.


So these tips will ensure that you remain safe while the generator is installed and operated.