Video games and the perfection in the Playing

Video games have a charm that crosses many demographic boundaries, such as age, sex, ethnicity, or level of education. When watching your children play, you often worry about how virtual game hours can affect the player’s mind and behavior. For about 30 years now there has been talk about the effects that video games can have on players (often children or teenagers) and the alleged negative effects such as addiction, the increase in aggression and the various health consequences tend to have much greater media coverage than the positives. 

However, in recent years various researches have been conducted showing that video games can be used for educational and therapeutic purposes; many studies have also revealed how playing video games can improve many cognitive skills. Let’s see together how a video game can positively influence the lives of players. In case of dota 2 mmr boosting  this is important now.

They develop problem solving skills

To overcome the levels of certain video games (especially those of strategy or puzzle) it is often necessary to develop winning strategies. The process requires multiple attempts, as it is almost impossible to overcome a Candy Crush puzzle or a role-playing quest on the first attempt. The continuous creation of hypothetical winning solutions up to the achievement of the objective, help to develop their problem solving skills , used by many people every day. The fact that people can improve their troubleshooting skills just by playing a video game is something most people could never have imagined.

Age doesn’t matter

Old or young, learning to play mobile video games [4] is easy enough. Gaming companies continually develop games, designed to target young people and unlock their potential. Racing games are aimed primarily at young people. Users can tilt their handheld devices to mimic the actions of a real steering wheel. These games offer younger users the chance to improve their driving skills.

Video games help stimulate the growth of new neurons

Contrary to what one might think, video games can be considered real gyms for the brain. A study has indeed shown an increase in gray matter in the brains of players compared to that of non-players. The virtual game activity in fact would contribute to neurogenesis (creation of new neurons), keeping the person lucid, attentive and intelligent.

They make you think quickly, make decisions and make analyzes

Anyone who has played a video game where a solution had to be found in seconds will surely understand. In fact, some games require very quick reflexes to complete. Even an apparently simple game like Tetris helps the player to quickly think of a solution, training his mind little by little. For this reason, in some training courses for soldiers and surgeons, it has often been thought to insert sessions of strategy games and puzzles.

Video games improve your mood

Some types of online games such as Blackjack and poker allow you to get rid of your frustration and anger, instantly improving your mood. They also help to relax when anxious, before attending an important event that creates a lot of apprehension.

They improve hand-eye coordination

Non-players use a lot of mental energy to coordinate eye movement and hand movement. Normally, players don’t even think about hand-eye coordination: most of their brain power is concentrated on more advanced tasks like defeating AI , because the movements they have to make and the decisions they have to make are now automatic.