Ways to Protect Your Cables from Tangling

Cables are always vulnerable when pets, pests, or children are around. Pests can enjoy a bite or two on wires, and the same goes for kids and pets, and this can cause damage to the cables or even endanger their lives, especially for cables that carry electric currents.

This is where cable protectors come in to protect them in an orderly and tidy manner.

You don’t have to keep replacing your cables over and over again, with inexpensive items, you can fix your wires and protect them at all times.

Protecting cables in an orderly manner can be straightforward if you follow the tips enumerated below.

Use Vinyl Tubing to Protect Cables

Clear vinyl tubing is excellent in protecting the cables from pests and pets. By slipping the tubing over the exposed cords, they become risk-free.

 Bundle Your Cords with a Spiral Wrap

Regardless of the size of the cords you want to protect, the spiral wrap is effective in protecting your cables.

 Use Heat Shrink Tubing to Insulate Cords

Heat shrink tubing uses shrinkable plastic tubes to protect wires, connectors, etc. from environmental harm effectively.

Use your Springs from Pens

You can wrap Springs used in pens around vulnerable cables like charger and headphones to stop them from fraying.

Solder the Wire with Liquid Glue  

Liquid formulas such as glue can do an excellent job of mending damaged cords.

Apply Liquid Plastic to the Damaged Cords

To fix a frayed cord, you can apply liquid plastic on the cable and allow it to dry.

Avoid Walking on Cables

Try not to walk on your cables; however, if this is unavoidable, you can use cable protectors to protect it from footsteps.

Damaged cables can pose a danger, so protect your cables with these tips to ensure safety at homes and offices.