What are the Fundamental Activities of Digital Marketing?

From B2B to B2C: Digital Marketing is rampant everywhere. But what is meant by Digital Marketing? 

It is “the set of marketing activities that use web channels to develop their commercial network, analyze the market, predict its progress and create offers based on the profile of the target customer.”

The term originates from “digital market” (“digital market”), to which the gerund- ing is added, indicating active participation by companies with direct actions on the market. Companies, which are intended for the sale of products or services, increase customers and turnover. 

What are the activities of Digital Marketing?

The leading Digital Marketing activities are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, Affiliate Programs, and Remarketing. 

In its evolution, digital marketing has become fundamental for e-commerce (the perfect fusion of technology, communication techniques, and business management), for example, but also for publishing sites that support advertising. In its development, it must, in fact, also take into account all social activities (Social Media Marketing SMM), since it is not only a means of communication but a fundamental tool to achieve one’s goals.

What are the steps to follow in a digital marketing plan?

It starts from the Plan, or rather from an accurate initial market analysis. Who are the competitors, and what strategies should be adopted? Goals must be defined, customer profile outlined, and what needs to be done daily planned. 

Reach is the heart of digital marketing, and two is to select the communication channels (of course, they must be chosen according to the target audience). Then we talk about Convert, the goal of bringing the user to the desired action: buy an item, subscribe to the newsletter, download a file. The best way to achieve this is to insert a compelling Call to Action. Engage is the after: you need to cultivate the relationship with the customer, making him loyal. Here we are also talking about “native advertising,” Essentially advertising, which involves including promotional elements within coherent and non-random content. An operation allows not to disturb the user and to obtain greater interest. 

At the base of every digital marketing work, however, there is an SEO strategy: the optimization of the website to gain a better positioning on search engines. The better a site’s SEO, the more organic (non-paid) traffic will be. Once excellent content has been written, it is possible to carry out Inbound Marketing actions, whether the creation and management of blogs and social media, or the creation of landing pages for sending targeted emails (email marketing), or, again, the sharing of ad hoc contents. Web Analytics, the science of measuring web analytics, is essential for each share of Inbound Marketing to plan the Digital Strategy and Marketing activities. 

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The importance of Digital Marketing

Web Marketing (which also includes Digital Marketing) is a set of activities that revolves around a website, so search engines like Google are the center of every web marketer and digital strategist.

Google today represents the absolute market leader, covering a share close to 98% (also considering the numerous satellite engines). Search engines, or search engines, are one of the great inventions of the century, and – above all – they are the heart of Digital Marketing. They are improperly defined but easy to read as ranking algorithms that periodically scan the web, assigning quality scores to each page on the network for a specific search (query) conducted by a user.

Collaterally there is Digital PR, which is the Public Relations dedicated to online. It is necessary to provide further visibility to the company by creating and sharing certain viral information: they are mentioned as the latest but essential in all projects. 

Digital Marketing is, therefore, a branch of the economy that studies the market, the behavior, and interaction of users through technologies, tools, and digital media. If you want to take this path to grow your company, you must do the best online digital marketing courses available.