What Can Happen From The Lack Of Requirement Management Softwares

It is known to everyone that requirement management softwares is a problem. But then comes to the question why there is not particular solution which can solve other problems that come with them. There’s a two fold case of changing requirement management:

  • Individual makes different changes and it is easy for them to keep it under radar. Developer requires only 4 hours knocking of a new feature. So it is really hard to crack it.
  • As the changes are not traceable then it sums up to the total then it is hard to rediscover letter. Because it doesn’t sum up in the schedule.

The schedule

So when you actually start pressing then you is already two months late by the schedule, then you will be in a situation where there is no chance for you to fix it. It is like when a person stills from somebody but very small amount at once. So the small amount is very untraceable that when you check it later, you will be able to find that the money has been theft.

Why it is hard to track it

No special to not understand the requirement management softwares and that changed it brings unless it has been too late. When people are working in the software they intuitively know that the change in the management software is certain but it is not possible for them to be aware of it because it is not making any significant change. Since it doesn’t make any impact people do not try to knock it off. But the more it adds up, the more it is like to kill the software from within. So in the end it is not the requirement management software that kill us, but it is that we do not react to the impact that it has been made.

What can be the solution?

The work of the requirement management softwares is not to determining the menace before it developing. This software simply cannot determine all of the wrong doings and then freezing them up before it ships. So it is better to sit back and be adaptable which the key of a successful business is. It is known that this kind of menaces can be an unrealistic surprise and can happen anytime because it is not traceable. But the solution is not very quick and one needs to be very patience with it.