What Kind of Mobile Phone is Good-looking

With the progress of the times, mobile phones have changed from flip design more than ten years ago to full screen. From the previous display of only green and black pixel blocks to the current high-definition screen with millions of resolutions. The development of mobile phones has exceeded everyone’s imagination. When we choose mobile phones, the first is appearance, whether the mobile phones look good or not.

What kind of mobile phone is good-looking? Many people think that the bigger the screen, the better the mobile phone. For example, when people choose mobile phones, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They will choose the latter without hesitation. The latter has a larger and clearer screen and looks better. And the former is small to look. But there are men who consider practicality. The former is more suitable to carry, while the latter is heavy and not convenient.

Some people think that the good color of the mobile phone’s shell is good-looking. For example, many people choose to buy HONOR 10 Lite because its gradually changing sky blue shell. It can give people a feeling of shine at the moment. The design of this mobile phone shell is different. Many people think that the appearance of the mobile phone is not important. Because we will stick toughened film on the screen and put on containment at the back to protect the mobile phone. In this case, it is difficult for us to see the shell of the mobile phone.

There are some mobile phones will make great efforts to design the appearance of the mobile phones. For example, some mobile phone brands will try to fill the front of the whole phone. Only keep a round hole as the front camera. The main body of the mobile phone is getting thinner and thinner. When the screen is not bright, it feels like a piece of stainless steel glass. Opening the screen has a high-level business atmosphere.

Some people think that a mobile phone that is different from others is good-looking. They will choose some different shapes. Such as making the edge of the screen curved, or designing the screen to be foldable. But such a mobile phone takes a long time to experiment from an idea into a mobile phone that we can use in real life. The price is not only high. What’s more, it is not practical. For example, when the curved screen was first released, many people bought it out of curiosity. Then they found that the curved screen was not only difficult to stick film, but also its touch screen is not sensitive.

Therefore, the good-looking and bad-looking of mobile phones depend on personal aesthetics. No matter what kind of mobile phones, they have their corresponding audiences. Some people pursue frivolity while others pursue novelty. When we choose mobile phones, appearance is the most factor, but it should not be the decisive factor. We should combine our actual situation and consider various aspects to choose a suitable mobile phone.